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Borderlands 2 slot machine jackpot glitch ps3

borderlands 2 slot machine jackpot glitch ps3

He'll be accompanied by enemies that will attempt to grab you, so cover your allies in case they are grabbed.
Descend through the trapdoor to enter another puzzle room.
During your fight with him, additional thugs will come out to aid him, multiplying your annoyance.Once the container is opened, the level's last challenge is a boss fight against a sniper, supplemented with numerous quoten lotto toto other enemies.After the scene, shoot the gas tanks in the hands of the thugs to kill them both.An enemy will ambush your allies, so sneak up on him and press Square to perform a stealth attack.The enemies up here are the first to drop the Sawed-Off Shotgun, though you'll want to stick with an M9 if you managed to get one.Eliminate them and continue up the ladder to the crow's nest, climbing up to a pipe and swinging across to a hanging broken railing.The amber AND silver necklace comes just after you leave the market, in a corner behind the buildings on the right.From there, climb to the left, pressing X to jump the gaps.Soon afterward, he'll close a gate on you, but you can still keep up by swinging across the pipes on the left into window.Fortunately, you'll be hanging on by the net of a container.This should get you the "Expert Fortune Hunter" bronze trophy.Before dropping down again, snipe any enemies you can get in your sights to make things easier on yourself in a minute.
Counter his knife attacks and follow up with punches.
Get ready for the final fight!

When all of these chumps go down, a brute will show.

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